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Sunday, 24th July 2011

It’s been an insane week, then again the past month has flown by in an instant. Today however, the love of my life returns after a two-week stint in the USA. Now two weeks is not a long time, however the time difference made it challenging to have a decent conversation since either I was […]

Are you a MAC or PC person? Find out here!

Informative infographics are popping up all over the place. This one especially caught my eye since it the differences between a MAC and a PC user. The study conducted by researched a sample size of 700 000 and catgorised their findings into the infographic below. It covers: demographics personality fashion and taste food and drinks […]

You’ll want to stop, you may hate me, but keep reading …

Its about …. relationships. The intimate kind. (Caveat: I can only speak from heterosexual relationship experience, I am also generalising based on the feedback I’ve had from my lady and male friends.) So I am always thinking, isn’t everyone!?! But I do more than think about things. I analyse the way things are because of […]

Congratulations to my double couple on their double wedding day ..

So in March to got to visit Cape Town for two weddings on the same day on opposite sides of Cape Town. Anyone who knows me knows I am not a fan of weddings, but for very close, amazing, dear friends getting married on the same day, I made the exception. I attended the ceremony at […]

New year, blank canvas, lets get painting … happy 2011

As the new year enters, I am filled with hope for 2011 and memories of 2010. Today I met up with one of my longest standing friends  (for “brunch”) and we reminisced about many things. Making the top of the list was the World Cup 2010. The memories of the many games we watched and […]

2010 in review …..

It’s always a challenge remembering everything that happens in a day, let alone a year, but here goes. My 2010 in review, starting with: Home Spent some time between Greyton and Cape Town this year. And although I complained mostly when having to drive up and down, I confess that the drive out of Cape […]

Love means …

I was born to ░L░♡░V░E░ and to be in-░L░♡░V░E░. Love is the most important aspect of life. Loving your career, your family, your friends, your life, but most importantly, your “SELF“. Many of us find it easy to love others but not ourselves, why? I am not sure. All I know is that I base […]

⁀☆ Birthdays and friends – can I get a whoop whoop? ☆⁀

There’s a special bond between friends, girlfriends, guy-friends, best friends etc. I would do anything for my friends since they have become my inner circle and family. Yesterday, I drove from Greyton, leaving my new “family” and made my way to my best friend in Cape Town. I arrive (early as always) and to my […]

Remember remember the end of November … oh my … what a ride!

Dear Me, I cannot believe the end of November stares me in the face. I can only say with out a shadow of a doubt that 2010 has been the most challenging and growing year of my existence. Between family, friends and life loves, the journey has been …. interesting. If anyone has to ask […]

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