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Happy birthday to me

I haven’t posted in a while. New “mom-preneur” is still ironing out the kinks. Amazing how life has changed. I love, absolutely love birthdays, I even celebrate “birthday month” and feel zero guilt for buying that one thing I’ve wanted all year. Funny story, ever since I’ve become a mom, I want for nothing. Well, […]

July, a month of ….. wow, weird, wonderful, www.

The month of July started off rocky, I had to give my car back because my business is not generating revenue, the company then charged me for an entire car from funds I don’t have and I could not see how to move forward with …… Everything. I then decided to take a step back […]

October, a month of “new”

I started a new part-time job this week in the Tech space and loving it. It’s great to be surrounded by a team who absolutely love what they do, which is a refreshing change. In addition to this, I will be in Cape Town next month and looking forward to it particularly because I get […]

About finding ones identity …

Hello, my name is Shana Kay. When I am not involved in developing products or growing my own companies, I am a Management Consultant, helping businesses plug their gaps in order to grow theirs. Scary to see the number 16 in years of experience, but it is true. I’ve been in the ICT industry for […]

Weekend review: Spring day arrives

He spoke about the programmes our government has in place for learners (which we are aware of), encouraging business to do more and encouraging us to ask for more to be done. You had to be there to understand the power of this very (heavy) good speech. Left feeling: inspired by the local talent we […]

Why it pays to be no. 2 in your industry and other great articles making the news!

Love these articles – and we could learn from them too. Top articles catching my eye this week: Why it pays to be no.2 in your industry– How to create an effective company Facebook page – 6 Questions to ask before starting a business – 7 Tips for effective E-Commerce –

An infographic on the optimistic outlook for entrepreneurs in 2011

This infographic may relate to American entrepreneurs, but certain trends affect all entrepreneurs, globally. Entrepreneurs will always be affected by: economic changes climate changes staff churn technology trends funding when expanding introducing new products competition etc. The infographic does refer to South Africa, when comparing countries intending to hire and fire people and the indication […]

Events catching my eye

Always the sharer, it’s what I do :). Networking events: 16 April 2011: TED X Cape Town – 12 May 2011: Net Prophet Cape Town – IS Internetix 2011: Dates not confirmed yet View more Cape Town events on the Silicon Cape website or follow the companies for updates on other events they […]

2010 in review …..

It’s always a challenge remembering everything that happens in a day, let alone a year, but here goes. My 2010 in review, starting with: Home Spent some time between Greyton and Cape Town this year. And although I complained mostly when having to drive up and down, I confess that the drive out of Cape […]

Remember remember the end of November … oh my … what a ride!

Dear Me, I cannot believe the end of November stares me in the face. I can only say with out a shadow of a doubt that 2010 has been the most challenging and growing year of my existence. Between family, friends and life loves, the journey has been …. interesting. If anyone has to ask […]

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