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Nothing else matters when the fundamentals of life are challenged…

It all began last week on the 26th November 2011. We spent a wonderful day of Thanksgiving with family and friends, but earlier that day arrived home to no water. We could not understand why this was the case. Now until it’s happened to you, the impact of going without is tantamount. Cleaning yourself Washing […]

And just like that, life ends …

My grandmother died at 11am on 14 October 2011. I was in the air, flight delayed and had not made it in time to see her before she died, but at least I saw her the week before. My mom is the strongest woman I know. She has kept it together for the family, even […]

October 2011, a month of sadness and reality …

It all started when I checked Facebook and saw this message “Miss you too beautiful one :) u ok? Just heard the news,really sorry :( xx” I immediately called my mom, who then gave the news of my grandmother being ill, organ failure and the like (details are too graphic, I can’t share just yet). […]

Sunday – day of mixed feelings …

I woke up this morning to work on a personal project, help a friend plan a book launch in October. Doing this kind of thing, is “kind-of”¬†what I do. Where the mixed feelings come in to play, was when my “lunch date”, took me to watch the movie “Crazy stupid Love”. All I can say, […]

Week 19-24 September 2011, what a week …

Meetings, product launches, conducting interviews, running around in an office which looks like a construction site,¬†dinner with partner’s family, dinner with friends and let’s throw in a photo shoot for Cosmo (Fun Fearless Female: December 2011 Edition), what a week it has been. Its easy to slip back into the madness that is everyday, but […]

Dress shopping … oi vey!

Atypical woman I am. Am woman who dislikes shopping. I usually do when the need is there, know what I need, get in and get out quickly. I know, it’s crazy :). Now take me to a gadget, DVD or stationery store, I can linger for hours. (Stationery, don’t ask!). This week, my partner informed […]

Phuket, Thailand – fookatylor …..

It started on 27 August 2011 and ended on 9 September. Twelve glorious days in Phuket, Thailand was one of my birthday gifts this year. Top that with not having to check email or read text messages. Bliss was my name. I even managed to read 3/4 of Shantaram, what an amazing book, based on […]

Month of July review ….

Well another month has come and go and what a month of July it has been. Two new experiences happened this weekend, these included: Midas Historic Tour – Zwartkops | Times Racing Watershed Family Day St. Andrews School for Girls Some of the other exciting happenings in July were that one of my best friends […]

Sunday, 24th July 2011

It’s been an insane week, then again the past month has flown by in an instant. Today however, the love of my life returns after a two-week stint in the USA. Now two weeks is not a long time, however the time difference made it challenging to have a decent conversation since either I was […]

Monday 18th July 2011, happy birthday Madiba..

It’s our ex President’s birthday today. Happy birthday Madiba! I admire this man so much. We all know the inspirational, peaceful man he is today, but I have a documentary of his life, which was not easy. We complain about the little things in life when we have it easy because of great leaders like […]

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