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Wishing for time

Posted on | January 13, 2015 | No Comments

When I put my baby to bed at night, as I sit on our rocking chair, rocking away, holding the bottle, usually in the dark, my mind is suddenly made aware of where it has gone. Most times, it is randomly reviewing the day and I have to stop myself. The crazy part is that my mind was nowhere near work 5 minutes before the process began, but somehow it automatically went there.


Vector 2015 Happy New Year background

I then stop myself, and one of two things happen. My intended gratitude blog post starts “writing” in my mind, or I simply give gratitude for the positives of the day and my life in general. Any stress of the days thoughts dissipate as I take in the moment that is present, my sweet toddler lying in my lap drinking away and my feelings of gratitude for health, love, family, friends and business.

My brain then says … “oh how i wish my thoughts would transcribe directly to my blog”. I have so many things I’d like to remember and note, but by the end of the feeding/sleep session, I am so exhausted my thoughts hardly make it into the world (in any format).

My wish for 2015 is to spend more time on the things that really matter. My family, friends and making business time as efficient as I can make it, are high priority items on my agenda.

So … for 2015, I wish for you, achievement of #insertyourgoalhere.

Happy 2015 and this year, do what makes you happy. That’s my intention anyway.

Ciao for now,
Shana Kay Derman

Racist start to the week ..

Posted on | December 1, 2014 | No Comments

At a coffee shop waiting for client and this “Australian” (has the accent and said “I am from Australia”) woman is complaining about how she doesn’t want to go back to Australia, how “Africa” is in her “blood” and how happy she would be if she never saw a “white” people again.

She is white.

How racist for a Monday morning, thanks for the morning sunshine, #not.

I think I’ll wear earphones next time I am waiting on someone. Not going to spoil my day. But interesting to hear how she classifies herself and feels validated for racial insults in public.

Oh well, next time I think I will say something, for now I’ll let it go …. this day is far too beautiful to let it be spoilt.

Business Lesson Friday

Posted on | November 14, 2014 | Comments Off on Business Lesson Friday

Likeability is not equal competence.

Three times I’ve had to learn this lesson.

So …. my take-away is when I meet a potential supplier of services and I like them, I’ll be extra cautious and put additional measures in place.


lesson chalkboard

Bangalore 2014

Posted on | November 1, 2014 | No Comments

I had no idea I would end up in Bangalore this month. Initially, there was a plan, but as one knows, plans change. So in the month of October, I have been to:

JHB > Rome > Florence > Tuscany: Bagni Da Lucca, Lucca > Paris (Airport) > Amsterdam (Airport) > Rome (Airport) > JHB (Airport) > Dubai (Airport) > Bangalore (Airport > Bangalore City.

What a month. The experience in india with the development team was good. A more detailed breakdown of the ins and outs of Bangalore to follow.

What I can say is that the team I worked with was most hospitable, I could easily get around, everything food wise was some kind of curry, I experience North, South and West-Indian cuisine and my poor stomach ……. was kind-of okay.

Spontaneous mini break to Cape Town

Posted on | June 17, 2014 | No Comments

My hubby makes my dreams come true. I wanted a visit to Cape Town to see my family and friends and that’s what happened over this long weekend. Thanks hubby. You’re a mega-star!

My Tuesday

Posted on | June 17, 2014 | No Comments

  • Feeding baby: 2:00am
  • Fetching crying baby: 2.30am
  • Shooshing wakeful baby to sleep: 2:45am
  • Fetching bottle for woken/hungry baby: 4:30am
  • Wake up: 6:30am, amazed baby is not awake yet
  • Baby wakes at 8am, wow, that’s a first
  • Change baby diaper, put on snuggie clothes for the day
  • Make bottles for the day and prepare babies food
  • Put baby to sleep for nap: 9:30am
  • Hand baby monitor to nanny and rush to get dressed, brush teeth, put the “face-on” and pack notebook for first meeting
  • View three premises for rent (offices)
  • Do business banking at branch
  • Pop into Motherland for a work catch-up and coffee, but get called by funders for more paper-work
  • Drive to Pretoria for paperwork
  • Drive home, pop in to Motherland to finish some documents, catch up on important emails and make urgent phone calls
  • Rush to Woolies to grab dinner before nanny needs to leave
  • Get home just in time and spend some time with baby
  • Play>Dinner>Pick out pjamas>run bath>wait for hubby who is very late for bath time
  • Try and cook dinner in between
  • Hubby arrives home, rush to shower as hubby has business dinner (thankfully hubby feeds animals before leaving)
  • Print documents for hubby to sign before he leaves
  • Bath baby
  • Dress baby
  • Feed baby
  • Put baby to sleep
  • Finish cooking dinner and stand over stove, shoveling dinner before heading off to work before baby wakes up
  • Scan documents for funders
  • Baby wakes > Put / rock baby to sleep
  • Get back to desk > Baby wakes
  • Rinse and repeat: Baby wakes > Put / rock baby to sleep
  • Get back to desk, go back to kitchen, pour glass of wine, get back to desk
  • Catch up with emails for the day
  • Send documents requested
  • Prepare bottles for the night
  • Back to desk to work
  • Wait for hubby (indirectly while working)
  • Confirm Chiropractor appointment for baby tomorrow, no answer, have to delay taking car in for repairs again (going on two months now, doh!)
  • Wish for sleep, try and get to bed … early
  • Carry on working until exhaustion hit
  • Brush teeth, wash face
  • Get to bed
  • Baby wakes for feeding
  • Start it all over again

This …. is being a mom-preneur.

Digital events to watch out for

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The Guardian presents Activate, transparency, activism and change in the digital age

26 June 2014

Apply for free! We love free events that add value.


IntelliCred is hiring!

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Join my growing team at IntelliCred. We are looking for talented guys/gals to join our team. Work on some awesome products spanning various industries and work with the best in the industry.

For more on IntelliCred, view the Media page. We may be a young company, but we are certainly going places.

Join us!

Happy birthday to me

Posted on | May 18, 2014 | No Comments


I haven’t posted in a while. New “mom-preneur” is still ironing out the kinks. Amazing how life has changed.

I love, absolutely love birthdays, I even celebrate “birthday month” and feel zero guilt for buying that one thing I’ve wanted all year. Funny story, ever since I’ve become a mom, I want for nothing.

Well, not nothing, but very little :).

Being a mom, my birthday suddenly has taken a different feel, a new form. I went shopping the other day with the intention of getting myself a gift (which I do every year). I walked out with a bag full of …………… baby stuff.

It’s amazing, I’ve become completely (almost) selfless.

Now don’t get me wrong, I was spoilt on Mother’s Day. My son (7 months old, bless his cotton socks) “bought” a lovely card and perfume for his dear mother. And hubby dearest, donned my engagement ring with the most stunning eternity ring to complete the circle of love. I never realised how much I love diamonds :).

But on the morning of my birthday, my hubby departed for a business event in Durban, leaving me with a baby who won’t sleep at night, because “he was too excited for mommy’s birthday”.


I am not complaining, hubby has three gold stars already, a pair of awesome Hunter boots and some nifty SuperGa kicks. Shoes and bling in one month, yup, he has done well :).

Now that I think about it, I have also gone for a Thai massaaa courtesy of “ye olde ball and chain”, so …………. it’s been a pretty good birthday month, I have been super spoilt and can’t complain.

(“I feel okay that I don’t want to buy myself anything for this birthday”, she says with a stupid grin on her face, “I am grateful and feel privileged”. #Humblestare). Birthdays aren’t about the presents anyway, it’s about the people we spend it with (okay and some presents).

Oh and one more thing, feeling like hiding from the world this morning, I made the “good” mistake of checking Facebook. My wall was flooded with birthday wishes from those I would never have expected to take a few seconds to think of me. So to all who have sent messages, thank you. You truly have lifted my day.

Happy birthday to me. It’s already a good day.

Why I do this every year – Annual Toy Drive

Posted on | April 29, 2014 | Comments Off on Why I do this every year – Annual Toy Drive

I never wanted kids, my mom used to try and coax me into having “at least one”. Eventually she gave up, then I met the right man and changed my mind. Now I am “mom” to one gorgeous little boy.

I have always, however, wanted to make a difference to little kids. Having spent lots of time in a children’s hospital when I was a baby due to epilepsy, I saw the little ones, alone day after day, no one visiting and nothing fun to look forward to.

I started because I believe that one does not have to be a millionaire to give back to the community. With the help of my community, you, I would instigate the cause and we would make a difference, whatever size that may be.

So as I rush to my next meeting, sleep deprived and time constrained, wondering why I do this, I look back at the last charity we donated to, remember the 60+ babies sitting on the floor, playing with …. very little or just sitting there, looking sad and their faces light up when they see the teddies and toys we have brought them.

Their faces light up more because someone actually visited.

This is why I do it every year.

Not to be recognised, not to be praised, but for the babies and children who were born to someone who abandoned them. To make a difference, even for a day. To know that at least if no one comes to visit, they have something to hold on to. Something to love.

Today, post meeting and on my way home to my baby, I can’t stop pushing back the tears as I think about the times I think life is hard, them remember those babies faces.

Before I had my son, I believed in this cause, because kids cannot fend for themselves. Now, I resent the ones who have left these angels behind, but turn the resentment into making a difference, even for a day.

There is still time to make a difference, visit (banking details at the bottom of the page) and join me in making a difference today. Thank you to the ones who have already supported.

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