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Baby is six months old today.

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What an experience.

What a journey.

What a wonderful little boy we have.

Kaiden Orion Derman, I love you to the moon and back and more. You are the sweetest little thing, now ….. one request from your mother who loves you dearly …………. #sleepatnightlikeagoodboy :).

Honestly, parenting and being an entrepreneur is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but the most rewarding.


Things are moving in such a positive light this year for which I am grateful.

#ThankYou universe for all that I have and all that I have to give.

Another year of Annual Toy Drive

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We missed it in 2013 and making up for it this year.
This year The Annual Toy Drive have two beneficiaries, servicing more than 200 orphans, mostly babies between the ages of 0 and 5 years of age.
1. Ethembeni: Salvation Army Home for Abandoned Babies
2. Princess Alice Adoption Home
All we ask is for a donation of as little as R50, see what it buys:
Visit for more details. Please feel free to share and thank you for your support. Some of you are regular sponsors and we acknowledge your support .


We missed it in 2013 and making up for it this year.

This year The Annual Toy Drive have two beneficiaries, servicing more than 200 orphans, mostly babies between the ages of 0 and 5 years of age.

1. Ethembeni: Salvation Army Home for Abandoned Babies
2. Princess Alice Adoption Home

All we ask is for a donation of as little as R50, see what it buys:

Visit for more details. Please feel free to share and thank you for your support. Some of you are regular sponsors and we acknowledge your support .

Happy New Year – 2014

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And so another year passes and we have made it through challenges, lessons, good times and bad. And …



My new year was spent with a friends (one couple) sharing dinner (barbecue) with us and doing a quiet countdown as our baby slept through the midnight event.

I have so many wishes for my friends and family for 2014 and they include being happy, having fun and living your true self.

Whatever happened to you at the stroke of midnight does not have to mould the year ahead. It’s all superstitious hogwash.

You are the master of your destiny, so make your own wishes happen. This is my mission for 2014.

#Intentions/#Goals for 2014:

  • Personal – more quality time for self reflection and development (do at least one new course this year)
  • Family – spend quality time with husband and baby, find awesome nanny (NB*)
  • Health – exercise at least twice a week
  • Business – secure funding for business, find talented developers to join team
  • Friendships – work on the ones that make an effort, have more time with my girlfriends
  • Travel – Tuscany and Mauritius, Seattle/San Francisco/Boston would be nice
  • Tech – self, get a new laptop, cellphone and iPad Air
  • Image – get a makeover and a new wardrobe (post baby body is so hard to dress)

I have loads more but for now, these are my main ones.

Have a superb 2014 and may at least one BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) come true this year.

R.I.P Tata, your work here is done

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Our great ex-President Nelson Mandela has passed away this evening. The lessons we’ve learned will always be remembered.

I always think about his 27 years in prison, how he educated himself to be more and forgive instead of being bitter and resentful. How he has a plan to unite the nation, divided by race. How he was humble at the best of times and how he brought happiness to so many.

You will be missed. You are loved. And we are eternally grateful for having been alive in your time.

R.I.P Madiba, your memory will live on forever.



September 2013, Spring has arrived ;)

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September has been a good month so far. My surprise baby shower was held last week and, I got married, shotgun style (quickie at Home Affairs).

Life is changing so much. My business, my body, my life.

We have our days of “wobblies” and no, I am not referring to my body, but the mental freakout one has when too much change occurs.

Mostly, I am happy and embracing it.

I’ve gone from:

  • normal to pregnant
  • having siblings who do not speak to me to having two sister-in-laws and two-brother-in-laws and parent-in-laws
  • partnered to married
  • one business partner in business to multiple partners in business

Yup, this year has been a duzzie, but this month, thus far has been full of smiles.

Gamification via

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And with that, six weeks has passed. My final exam takes place today and I’ve enjoyed this course more than expected.

Some great links worth sharing:

  2. Fun sites
  3. Health promoting sites
    1. Fitocracy
    2. Zamzee
    3. Super Better
  4. Mind-blowing-awesome videos

July, a month of ….. wow, weird, wonderful, www.

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The month of July started off rocky, I had to give my car back because my business is not generating revenue, the company then charged me for an entire car from funds I don’t have and I could not see how to move forward with …… Everything.

I then decided to take a step back and look at various options. I also turned to my board of advisors to see if I could get some help.

Since then, I’ve found some avenues of ways to raise funding for my business and have some interested investors on the horizon.

Being pregnant through this entire re-startup process has been a challenge, but one I know will pay off.

The bad stuff:
- having no cash to do anything when the car dealership cocked up
- losing my cool for the fact that I went over and beyond the call of duty to ensure things like that did not happen
- not having my case worked on for 7 months, when my name change gas been in process for
almost 4 years with Home Affairs

There have been good stuff in between though, and I’ve tried my best to focus in these.

The good stuff:
- having the mistake fixed within 2 days of it being made
- getting a loan car to drive while my next one arrives (at no cost)
- healthy baby scan
- finding a possible way to get my case looked at by Home Affairs
- dinner with my Fems from CT and visits with old friends
- good meetings with investors
- moving forward

Tomorrow is Friday, I have a huge pitch on Monday and Friday next week and this is my focus for the next few last days of July. My intention is to focus, move forward and take care of myself and the bowling ball I swallowed. Hey go, let’s go!

Six months have past, and how my life has changed.

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I’ll be posting retrospectively, but in the meantime, since my last post in January, so much has happened.

I started thinking about family and procreating just over two years ago, a thought I had never envisioned having since up until then, I never wanted kids. So …. after trying for 8 months, two surgeries and fertility treatment later (will divulge in a later post), my business and my belly kicked into “development” mode.

Yes, I am pregnant (gasp!).

What a six months it has been. My business and my baby are incubating away and both demanding lost of time from me. Am I exhausted?


Am I excited about the two projects?


Am I venturing into the unknown.


Is it scary?


There are so many things no one shares with you on both the business fund-raising front and the baby-making front. So many hard and challenging lessons about knowing what I want and believing in the end goal. So many hard choices to make, now having to consider external and internal partners/parties ;).

But, at the end of the day, I can feel that both business and baby are developing and progressing and all I need to do is keep my head above water and ensure that I always do what is best for business and baby. There is a long way to go on both fronts, but at least I have the most supportive partner, my friends and family are happy with the baby news and I am grateful for a healthy pregnancy, to date.

We’re having a boy!

Names, sigh, our challenge for the moment, which feels like dejavu and I had to go through the naming process not too many months ago with the business. There are some parallels to be drawn between making a baby and building a business.

Of course, I will be sharing that with you soon.

Until then, I am back in the blogging world, oh how I’ve missed you. Kisses X.

Highlights of 2012

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Refection is always a cathartic process for me. Yes, there may be tears, but mostly, strong realisation of the good and challenging events that took place in 2012.

Another year has passed, another set of experiences gained and another year older, I hope that in 2013, I have learned the many lessons of yester-year.

Reflection on one years worth of events can be challenging, however looking at social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, I can find traces as well as in my journal.

What were my highlights of 2012?

  • Change
    • I decided to venture back into my business and leave full-time corporate beast. In its place, I ventured part-time into Business Development for a Business Intelligence company and part-time into my business. This did not work as both requires more time that I could dedicate.
    • I go back into Infointeg full-time from February 2013. It feels right.
  • Challenge
    • Navigating my way around the madness that is Jozi-streets.
    • Getting lost a few times, terribly.
    • Finding my way ….. without a GPS. Voila! Jozi driver …… in progress ;).
  • Travel
    • Visited the home of Dark Angel and Starbucks, Seattle, followed by Salt Lake City for my first Skiing experience and ended with a few crazy days in Las Vegas (Viva Las Vegas).
    • Most eye-opening revelation, Las Vegas is a bit trashy, actually, very trashy, and not as glamourous as it appears to be in the movies. The food is shockingly overpriced and below par in standard.
    • Thailand, oh how I love thee. Although I almost ended up in a Thai hospital due to food poisoning and developed such a bad case of lactose intolerance, but still enjoyed it. Thailand is amazing, the culture, the people and the experience.
    • Few trips to Cape Town, not as many as I would have liked, Cape Town is getting OTT expensive.
    • I ended the year off in the French Alps for Skiing holiday number 2. I have been super lucky this year in terms of travel and know that I’ll be South Africa-bound for a while, but 2012 was an amazing year for experiencing new countries and cities.
  • Business
    • Formalisation of my third business, Onyx Interweb, The Management Consultancy and deciding to go full throttle on Infointeg.
    • Product Development keeps my days busy as well as fund-raising. Watch this space.
  • Self-reflection
    • Did very little socialising. Running a business and working part-time is draining.
    • Taking time for self-reflecting, helped make a few new life decisions. I started yoga classes which I love. Intention for more walking in 2013 is high.
  • Stuff
    • Bought myself an iPad after years of deliberation.
    • Upgraded my cellphone contract to a snazzy Samsung Galaxy SIII, which I love.
    • Reduced the need for too much stuff, would like to have more experiences instead of more stuff. Feels good reflecting on the year that was and seeing that there was in fact a de-cluttering process and fewer stuff purchased.
  • Other
    • 30 days of gratitude chalenge – DONE
    • Annual Toy Drive number 5 – DONE
    • Dyed hair pink – Crazy, but DONE

I look forward to 2013 and having a strong focus on a few BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals). This is the year my business will catch like a hair on fire. Time to get moving

First visit to the Johannesburg Zoo

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I’ve never been to the Johannesburg Zoo, and after delivering the baby goods and toys from the Annual Toy Drive this morning, we decided to head out to the zoo for a little breakfast and animal spotting. Tip: parents, the zoo is exceptionally child-friendly. The coffee shop we dined at was not too bad either.

My quick visual below describes some of the highlights. The two animals I felt for the most were the bear and gorilla, one of each in isolation. Hope they bring a lady bear and gorilla in, everyone needs some love, even big hairy beasts, I am talking about the bears and monkeys ;).

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